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3 Feb

The 9 Why

  1. Location wise – Little might have known that being located in the Ringroad proximity would give you less hassle and less traffic when you go around to the tourists destination (or even to the airport, both Adi Sucipto and the newly launched Yogyakarta International Airport). Not to worry, we also offer a COMPLIMENTARY shuttle to KM0, that is few steps away from the famous Malioboro Street, Pasar Beringhardjo and Alun Alun Kidul. Just kindly contact our frontdesk crew should you wish to take a shuttle.
  2. We take sleeping very seriously! That is why we pamper our guests by featuring an oversized bed in each of our rooms. The king bed measured 200x200cm, while the single one is measured 90x180cm. Furthermore, there is always a reason to linger a little longer when your pillows, beddings, are all branded premium quality; together with premium linen and duvet. All you have to do is just eat, sleep, and repeat! And a netflix in between?
  3. Concerned of being a more sustainable hotel in hospitality industry, we are no longer using plastic bottle in our guest rooms, instead we use the glass ones. We believe that small step does matter for the entire planet. Yes, we are not completely away from the plastic, but we could assure you that we are getting there! Of course this would not be possible without your support.
  4. Breakfast is the biggest meal of the day! But please do eat responsibly. How often do you see a mountain of food on the table and people do not finish them all? So here in our hotel, we are very much concerned about the food wastage shall we do breakfast just like others. We would like to educate our guests to be a bit more concerned about how much wastage from one’s kitchen every single day; which includes edible food. Our guests could enjoy danish, pastries, snacks, bread, fruits, pudding and so on from the table; whilst the main courses are cook to order. Fresh from the kitchen deliver to your table. Daily-changed menu, with egg benedict and smoothie bowl in the list. Please enjoy!
  5. Let’s go back to the room. We only change your towel upon your request. Hey, we do not change towel in a daily basis when we are home do we? Likewise, if you do not put the sign on your bed then we would just make it up and tidy up, otherwise we are more than happy to change your beddings too.
  6. We admit that most of us (really!) need to take good pictures for our social media feed. Having that in mind, we always emphasize to make every corners in our hotel as eye-candy as possible. We have noticed that there are guests that come in themed-outfit and take pictures in our lobby, restaurants, rooms. Please share and tag us along!
  7. What is welcome drink? A drink to welcome you! Well, we make our own homebrew coffee (made with premium coffee beans) latte and having heard to the comments and feedback, now we also offer you a rosella tea drink, which believed to have more health benefits and a safe option for those who are not coffee drinkers and still want to try something special. Biscuits in the jar are free for you to grab too!
  8. Because in case you fall in love with our welcome drink bottle (or water bottle in the room), they are available for purchase at our frontdesk and you will always remember us even when you have returned home (and so do we!)
  9. We hear you! We will (very very soon) have our own swimming pool and sky lounge with unobstructed view of the city. If you are lucky you will see the majestic Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu during the sunrise hour, or perhaps just relax and enjoy the view of the city.

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